Why I Shoot at GOLDEN HOUR!

Have you ever heard a photographer talk about “The Golden Hour”? If you have you may have noticed a tone in their voice that resembles the way a child talks about their favorite fairy tale.  Why is that?  Because the Golden Hour is magic! The lighting is the softest and warmest that hour before sunset than any other time of the day.  There is no time that compares to it in the eyes of the photographer. 

When shooting at Golden Hour it is essential to start on time. Have you noticed that once the sun starts heading to the horizon it seems to speed it? As a photographer the time goes way too fast. So taking advantage of every second is critical.  Make sure to arrive 15-20 minutes before your session begins. This allows for final wardrobe adjustments and makeup and hair checks to happen before the session begins and doesn’t take time away for capturing beautiful moments on camera.

When scheduling a photo session with me know that I want to get the absolute best results and making yourselves available for this time of day is the best way to get those results. Make sure to give yourself more than enough time for getting ready and travel to be able to show up just before your session start time. Believe me, it is worth every minute.

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