FIRST LOOK- What is it and How to do it

Is capturing that first moment when he sees you for the first time important to you? It is to me too! I love seeing his jaw drop, grin from cheek to cheek, shed a tear, and watch as you take his breath away. Sometimes, my favorite First Looks are the ones where the bride and groom burst into laughter. This is one of many moments that they will remember as feeling true joy. No matter how the emotion is expressed happiness is what it is all about! The First Look is one of my most favorite moments for the whole wedding series. The raw and true emotions of a first look are irreplaceable.

How it works. When doing a first look session we coordinate to have you and your groom arrive separately to the session.  Once you have both arrived I will escort the groom to the perfect spot for the reveal.  Then walk back to the vehicles and I will help you get all set. You will slowly walk up to him as he is facing away from you.  As you get very close he will turn around and see you in your beautiful gown and you will see him as sharp and handsome as ever. You will hug and kiss and he will give you a spin so he can see every bit of your dress.  And leave it up to me to capture all of the magic. I am so passionate about capturing the authentic and raw emotions that happen so naturally in moments like this.

Following those initial beautiful moments we will continue to the magic with a formal bridal session that will make you feeling like wedding magazine models. We will be sure to capture all the beautiful details and the indescribable spark between the two of you. I want you to look back at these photos and be able to feel those same feelings over and over each time you see them. Let’s make the magic happen.

first look new.jpg