What to Bring to a BRIDAL SESSION

Are you wondering how to prepare for your up coming Bridal Session? I’ve got you covered!

When planning what to bring to your Bridal session consider this list. Believe me, I want you to feel prepared and be comfortable.  I want you both to be able to focus on each other and know that I will take care of the rest.


1.      Bring an extra pair of shoes that you can slip on and off easily. We all know that heels are not our number one choice of footwear when walking through the canyon, park or beach.  Heels will look amazing when taking the photos and for the detail shots but when we are walking from place to place, perhaps on uneven ground, we don’t want any twisted ankles.

2.      Bring a veil.  You may know that the veil is my favorite accessory. It softens the photos and adds such elegance to the session.  And there are so many fun poses we can do with it.

3.      Invest in a bouquet. Think of this as your wedding day preview. This session isn’t complete without the color and texture that a bouquet will add to the photos. 

4.      Shine your ring. I know it is new but we want it to shine like a chandelier.  Also if you have his ring already you could bring it for some beautiful ring shots on your bouquet or wildflower.

5.      Bring makeup to touch up those lips after kissing. I recommend all day lipstick or gloss that won’t transfer to your groom’s lips.



1.      Make sure to remove all wallets, keys, phones from your pockets to prevent unwanted items showing up in the photos.

2.      If your suit is brand new make sure that all of the tailor strings are trimmed, particularly the tail in the back of the suit and tags that are often on the sleeves.

3.      Polish your shoes if needed.  We want you to look as sharp as a tack.

4.      Get your hair trimmed.  A hair cut is a fantastic way to show your lady that you are as excited as she is about the session. Trim up the facial hair too. You will look better than James Bond.  You will look so amazing in those up close shots!

You two are going to feel so prepared and we will have so much fun creating timeless photos together! I can’t wait!

bring to bridals.jpg