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We are connected, You and I. We are lovers of life and people. We both understand that these moments are meant to be celebrated and cherished, and we're drawn together by a mutual passion for capturing the beauty of love, nature, and the human spirit. 

The creative eye behind the lens and the heart that beats for extraordinary love stories. When I'm not capturing cherished moments at lavish destination weddings, you'll find me exploring the globe, fueled by an insatiable wanderlust. Travel has been my lifelong passion, igniting my curiosity for diverse cultures and breathtaking landscapes, which often finds its way into my photography. Always ready with my passport and camera in hand.

In this incredible journey called life, I am blessed to share it with my loving husband and our four beautiful children.  Together, as a family, we embrace the great outdoors and the spirit of adventure. Whether it's embarking on epic camping trips under the starlit skies, hiking through rugged mountain trails, or simply reveling in the beauty of nature. Our shared love for outdoor exploration fuels our spirits, reminding us of the wonders that exist beyond the frame of the everyday, and it's this very spirit that inspires and influences my photography, infusing it with the authenticity and enthusiasm that defines our family's zest for life.

I'M Chelsey


Beyond photography, I believe in the power of giving back. I've dedicated my time to serving my community, actively participating in initiatives that uplift and empower those in need. My hands also find solace in the soil, as I nurture my garden, cultivating not just plants but a profound connection to nature and healthy living. My commitment to preserving our precious planet extends to supporting projects that champion a clean ocean and the wellbeing of sea life. The ocean's mystique and the life it harbors hold a special place in my heart, and I'm honored to be a part of endeavors that protect its purity and ensure a thriving underwater world for generations to come. In essence, my journey in photography is a reflection of my passions, my commitment to service, and my deep reverence for the beauty that surrounds us.

Randy is a kindred spirit who shares not just my heart but also my passion for photography and the great outdoors. With a camera in his hands, he captures the essence of our adventures in the most mesmerizing way, freezing moments in time that we treasure forever. His love for canyoneering and thrilling escapades is infectious, pushing us to explore the hidden corners of the world. Yet, amidst his adventures, he remains an unwavering pillar of strength, a hard worker dedicated to providing for our family. He's a devoted husband who fills our home with warmth and laughter, and a loving father whose presence in our children's lives is a gift beyond measure. In every facet of his being, he embodies dedication, passion, and an unwavering commitment to our shared journey through life's grand adventures.


"Together, they make an exceptional team,
seamlessly merging their talents
and shared dreams to accomplish exquisite vision
and flawless heirloom images

-Rosalie Madsen





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behind the lens

hi there, I'm sofie of musée photography

It was a desire to create images that resonated on a profound level – images that weren't bound by fleeting trends or seasonal fads. I aspired to capture narratives, moments, and emotions that possessed enduring significance, transcending the confines of time and evoking feelings that stood the test of time.

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As a passionate advocate for wildlife, animals, our planet, and its people, I find beauty and purpose in nurturing the connections that bind us all. My heart beats in harmony with the rhythms of nature, and I'm endlessly captivated by the diverse creatures that call this Earth home. With every encounter, whether it's a majestic wild animal or a simple act of kindness between people, I'm reminded of the profound connection of life. It's a love that extends beyond admiration for the natural world; it's a commitment to protect, preserve, and uplift the incredible tapestry of life on our planet, for the well-being of all beings and the generations yet to come.


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Chelsey Black Photography is located in West Coast, available worldwide.


Fine Art Wedding Photography


Chelsey is a fine art wedding photographer, specializing in timeless, romantic imagery.