Hi, I’m Chelsey. I am a passionate wedding photographer and I absolutely love what I do. I feel so incredibly blessed to serve the most kind and genuine couples on the planet. Serving them throughout their day brings me the greatest pleasure. There is no limit to what I will do to make this day unforgettable. I can’t wait to share all of my tips and tricks with you to make your wedding amazing!

I am all about light, bright, true to color images that capture your special day authentically. These images are one of the few things that can take us back to that time and place. My photos will tell your story, connecting you, your love, and the people who matter most to the cherished moments and feelings of your beautiful day.

I pride myself on being professional, prepared for anything, and making your wedding day as worry free as possible. I want you to look back on this day as being the most wonderful day of you life. And by the time the wedding day comes we will feel like best friends. I have an unlimited consultation policy. I give you my personal contact info to allow you to contact me for any and all of your questions. I love sharing anything and everything I have learned over my 10 years in photography.

I believe in being so much more than a photographer. I will be there to fix your dress, straighten his tie, tell your grand-mother how lovely she looks, teach you how to cut your wedding cake, pin on dad’s boutonniere, and to do everything I possibly can to make this an experience you will love and cherish forever. On this day, I am yours!




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